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My Personal Strength and Self-Esteem has Returned

... I can truly say that it has been the most effective process that I have tried in getting over my hurt and anger from the betrayal. My self esteem and personal strength has returned and I feel more confident in moving forward with my life no matter what the future holds. The hypnosis sessions also helped me in getting past some old hurts and wounds from my childhood. I also liked the fact that the 7th Path hypnosis allowed me to include my spiritual beliefs in the process. I strongly recommend Family First Hypnosis to any one who is going through emotional turmoil in their life." - H.M. Rowlett, TX

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I Couldn't Stop Being Angry

... Boy, was I surprised when the Hypnotist told me to expect to have resolve within a few sessions. And that is exactly what happened. She easily obtained a referral from my counselor and then went right to work. Instead of tiptoeing around my anger, she met it head-on by helping me assess things that have made me mad in the past ... - L. M. D., Dallas, TX

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