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Fear of Flying

"We are going back to Corpus next month to meet the new baby who arrived this past weekend. We are actually planning on was even my idea and I booked the tickets! While I Had never been afraid of flying in my life, during the past year or so, I had found myself more sensitized to it and fearing it. With my new nephew here and more trips in my future, 1 just figured that 1 might as well rip the band-aid off! While I know that things are not 100% perfect, they are better and will continue to improve. Thanks again for your help!" -Stephanie Doss, Dallas, TX

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Fear of Elevators

"I have always been an anxious person, or what my grandma always called herself -- a "worrier", but my limits were truly tested when I found myself trapped in an elevator last September. What made this even more terrible was that it happened during my fourth week at my new job at our new office building. The very minute! realized what happened I felt like there was not enough air to breathe. And, even though there were two others In there with me, i was sure I was going to suffocate and die! ... Thanks to our sessions, I ride the elevator almost every day now." - Stephanie Doss, Dallas, TX

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