She tailors the program to what works for you

"I recently completed 5 sessions with Celeste for weight loss. I am a 46 year old male and had been unable to lose unwanted pounds even though I exercise heavily and eat healthy. I did not want to give up going out with friends and family, drinking moderately and eating foods I enjoy (part of enjoying life). Before selecting Celeste as my hypnotist, I spoke to her on the phone and was impressed with her holistic view of weight loss and that she took time to listen and explain what she could help me with.

During our first session, when she learned that I already exercised and ate mostly low carb, healthy food, She offered to refund my money since she wasn''t sure she could help me. I convinced her to give me a try anyway.

During our 5 sessions, Celeste modified my subconscious to have a desire to eat slower and to create a feeling of fullness after I had eaten one plate of food. worked. I now eat a reasonable amount of food and then I am full until the next snacking, no eating a second plate of food. No feeling of deprivation. I still eat anything I want , occasionally drink a beer or glass of wine....just not nearly as much as in the past. I have been losing about a half a pound/week since starting with Celeste.

Celeste is a great listener and tailors the program to what works for you. She is very interactive and has a nice soothing demeanor that puts you at ease. I found it easy to talk to her about personal details.

I highly recommend Hypnotism and Celeste for weight loss and perhaps other things we would like to change about ourselves (stop smoking, anger management, relationship problems, etc.)" - Ed Suder, Garland, TX

Weight-LossAmazing Andrea