I Wondered if I Could Actually be Hypnotized

"I've tried just about everything diet wise. I'm about 60 - 70 lbs overweight and 45 years old. Nothing has worked for me. I craved chocolate so much that I always failed. Sometimes I'd eat lots of junk food and not even realize I had done it, then have horrible guilty feelings. Also, I didn’t exercise much only a little here and there.

I hated how bad I looked, and the poor health (that was making it difficult for me to do very much) just made me eat some more. I got to the point where I needed to make a MIND change and I needed to figure out WHY I was binging and eating too much and why I have a poor self image

I looked around extensively online to find a hypnotist for weight loss. I listened to Celeste''s voice at Family First Hypnosis online and liked what I heard, so I called her up. Immediately, I fell in love with her voice and professionalism and decided she''d be the one for me.

I hope that words can express how deeply this hypnosis has helped me. I didn''t know what to expect. I knew I could relax, but wondered if I could actually be hypnotized. I was pleasantly surprised that it was very easy. Celeste helped me realize why I was overeating and binging. She took me back to times in my life and some were painful, but some were happy too. It wasn''t all fun and games, but I''m feeling better about myself than I have in a long time...no...I'm feeling better about myself than I EVER HAVE.

I feel fuller longer. I no longer crave the chocolate as much and I know when to STOP eating! I crave good foods like fruits & Veggies. I exercise too, and enjoy it! What a great feeling!

After 5 weeks of coming to Family First Hypnosis I was skeptical about getting on the scales. I knew my clothes were fitting better, but I''m sure I was protecting myself in case I hadn''t shed very many pounds. The curiosity got the best of me and I have 10 pounds GONE! WOW! I can do this. I can get rid of many more. I KNOW THIS WORKS!

I feel so motivated! I love the Weight Loss CD and will continue to listen to it a couple times a week now that I''m done with my sessions. I can’t thank you enough for what you and I have done for me!" - Thanks, Ruthie D., Allen, TX

Weight-LossAmazing Andrea