I was Prescribed a Plethora of Medications

"I began working with Celeste to alleviate overwhelming feelings of anxiety which had plagued me for years. Having been to medical doctors, psychiatrists, counselors and other specialists, I was at a loss as to how to heal myself. This had been going on for years and their various treatment plans were unsuccessful and ultimately, I felt more anxious at each failed attempt. My anxiety would often turn to panic and began to manifest as physical pain in my chest. Each episode would result in a trip to the emergency room only to be told there was nothing wrong with my heart – it was just a symptom of my anxiety.

I was prescribed a plethora of medications to treat my anxiety and depression. These medications just made a zombie out of me and rather than deal with the causes only temporarily alleviated the symptoms. I was an emotional wreck, crying all the time, feeling sorry for myself and unable to stop that constant feeling of dread and anxiousness. I had become adept at keeping everything inside and carrying around all that emotional baggage was taking its toll on my body and soul.

Thankfully, divine intervention led me to Celeste! I truly believe she saved me from a life of pain and misery. The first session we had, she took me down two paths. The one I was on was dark, sad and depressing and the thought of staying on that path was more than I could bear. The other path brought such happiness into my heart I knew that no matter what I had to get there.

"My work with Celeste was not an easy journey. In fact, the time I spent in her office was often very emotional and possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is difficult to explain the process of learning to trust someone enough to tell them your secrets or to let them see into your soul. But, my pain was bigger than my fear and I soon learned that Celeste would always be right beside me, helping me each step of the way. I knew she was there to help me… I knew she wanted me to succeed.

Each session always brought surprises and insights. I learned to trust that my subconscious mind would take us where we needed to go. Through this work,I have healed the wounds from the past that were keeping me stuck in old belief patterns. I have learned to believe that nothing bad is going to happen and whatever happens, I can handle. It has been about a month since my last session with Celeste and the healing continues. I wake up every day feeling happy and ready to enjoy whatever life brings.

The best thing that Celeste has done for me is re-introducing me to my higher power – my God. Celeste taught me the 7-path method of meditation that is introduced during hypnosis. Wow! What an immediate impact this had on me. There was a shift that occurred in me that I can only explain as “spirit”. It was like a window opened and a breath of fresh air circulated throughout my body. I now have a tool that allows me to connect to my higher self, to a new found spirituality that’s been missing from my life for a long time. This method helps me to rid myself of the negative and replace it with positive affirmations that have transformed my life.

My words cannot begin to explain everything that Celeste has done for me. I only know that I would recommend her to anyone for any problem. Trust me; she can help you change your life.

Thank you, Celeste. You helped me regain a connection with the true Source of love and joy. My soul rejoices and my heart will be forever grateful to you." - Terri K., Celina, Texas

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