I Wanted to Let you Know how the Test Went

"I wanted to let you know how the test went. First of all I have to say over the last three weeks since I started the Hypnosis therapy I have bee getting much better rest due to our sessions and the night before the test was the best sleep I have ever had before the test. My study habits have improved as well as my recall.

My confidence has also improved and I had very little anxiety. I was relaxed during the morning portion of the test and had a couple of moments, but I relaxed and moved on. I was able to stick to my strategy and I was able to at least review or work all of the questions.

With my formula and problem recall better I have to believe I improved my morning score by at least 15 points and my afternoon score by 10 to 15 points. At this point I would have to say I will be surprised if I did not score around 135 points and I need 120 points. I was able to accept the fact I did not know how to do all the problems and move on to the ones I did know which was a big help. With the relaxed feeling everything I did know seemed easier and I believe that I calculated the answers correctly. As I said before it is hard to know how well I did because of the way the test is structured, but I should be sending you an email in about eight weeks with the E.I.T. designation behind my name.

Also, my wife might be using your services in the future. She has noticed the difference in me. Thank you for your help and if I need some boosters I will let you know." - Scott E., Richardson, Texas