I Quit Immediately with my Very First Session

"I am very happy being a non-smoker! I told everyone how I quit immediately with my very first session. I''ve also continued to share the details of my experience with friends and family to help clear up the common myths they too had heard about hypnosis; I had always been against it and said I could never be hypnotized because, the only thing I knew about it that turned out to be accurate, was that you had to be willing. After spending about 20 minutes talking to you (the hypnotist) and watching the short DVD, my fears were gone and I was ready and willing to do exactly what I came there to do...QUIT SMOKING! I told the people I knew that were considering hypnosis to quit, that the key was to go in knowing without a doubt that they would leave there a non-smoker...and I thank you for sharing that with me, I know that''s why I was successful...and it was really the most relaxing thing I''ve done in my life that didn''t involve a massage! Thank you Celeste!" - P. M., Plano, Texas

Stop-SmokingAmazing Andrea