I Prayed for Answers to Resolve the Horrible Things

"Celeste, I wanted to thank you for everything you have helped me with in our sessions. My life has come such a long way from when I first began working with you. I am so glad I found you that day, my life was in a downward spiral and I didn't know where else to turn.

I prayed for answers to resolve the horrible things I was going through in my marriage and the inner turmoil I was dealing with everyday, the heartache was far too much for me to handle alone, and for the best interest of my children I had to do something. I knew inevitably my husband would move on, so I needed to work on myself and better my life for me and my children so I wouldn't be a single mom without a clue in the world.

From the our first session I began to grow into a strong independent woman, I started to discover how great I really am and beautiful I am, and for once it felt really nice. I was finally proud to be me! I also grew each day into the "new me" and watched my life become exactly what I had always dreamed of.

I remember the first time I sought council I was put on medication for "anxiety/depression", which angered me because I just wanted to deal with the REAL problem and move on, not be on medication for the rest of my life!

I would still feel the pain inside each day knowing unless I sought out a better form of resolve, I would eventually just end my life or fall into a rut of further depression. Then, I found your website and at first I was highly skeptical and even laughed at the idea. I researched rates for psychologists and they generally ranged $200+/hr!!

I went back to your site and read a story of a lady who went through something very similar to me and also the same emotionally break down as I was going through and her success with you inspired me to give it a try....

When we discussed everything on the phone I couldn't believe how great your rates were and that it would only take 5 sessions!! I figured that it was worth the effort, and if nothing came of it at least it wasn't years worth of wasted therapy and tons of money down the drain. Especially with us having such a tight budget, this was such a great deal for me and it really did save not only my life, but my mind!

After my first session with you I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life would be different forever and that this time it would stay that way. Each session was extremely helpful in me getting to know who I really am, what I really wanted for my life, and to become more focused on the things I was working toward already.

I went into this with a lot of anger, depression, suicidal mindsets, hurt, hopelessness, confusion, loneliness, well there was a complete mess inside me to say the least, but I am a completely different person today!

I am now at my month marker after our sessions, and I could have never imagined my life going any better! I am so happy, I'm beautiful and strong, my business is going so amazing, my work is fabulous, my head is clear, I know exactly who I am and where my life is headed, I'm ready for everything life has to offer me and any obstacle to overcome. There was a slight twist in my original plan, I thought my marriage would work out, but instead I had the strength to walk away when my husband had his second affair. Since we have spent the last year trying to figure out whether we should be together or not, so when we decided to get a divorce my happiness came knocking on the door and I was completely ready for it! I got back together with an old love of mine (who had also done a lot of growing up in the last 8 years), and I couldn't ask for a better relationship - he is truly everything I ever dreamed of in a life partner!! We will be getting married in a year or two to give us some time to save up for our wedding and honey moon. Celeste, I really never thought I would ever want to get married again or be seriously involved with any one because of everything I went through in my marriage before, but he is just so great!

Besides my relationship with him, I have become so independent from the people that I felt held me back before, that I can finally breathe again. I am living my life for me and for the best interest of my children and it couldn't be better!

Thanks so much for everything you have been a true Godsend to me.

I have sent many referrals your direction, and there is also a couple of other things I would like to come in to do work on in different areas of my life.

I look forward to complete life makeover this year and I am just amazed at how much as changed."

Love always, Deserea M.