I Couldn't Stop Being Angry

"My husband broke trust in our relationship with an issue at church and even though he was really trying to be a better partner, I couldn't forget what he had done and I couldn't stop feeling angry! I knew I needed to move on if I wanted to stay married, but didn't know how to let go and put everything behind me.

Angry memories flooded me and I found myself researching divorce lawyers weekly. But then, I''d look at my son. He was only two years old, and I didn''t want him to be a product of a broken marriage. So, I agreed to see a marriage counselor and I began seeing a counselor of my own for my anger issue.

I knew I had to do something differently when, upon noticing my anger one day, my counselor told me I should consider medication! I was seeing her for anger management and she wanted to medicate me instead of dealing with the emotions I had. Right then I decided to research other things I could do and that''s when I found Family First Hypnosis.

Boy, was I surprised when the Hypnotist told me to expect to have resolve within a few sessions. And that is exactly what happened. She easily obtained a referral from my counselor and then went right to work. Instead of tiptoeing around my anger, she met it head-on by helping me assess things that have made me mad in the past.

As a result, I could not be happier or more at ease now! I am more confident that my husband actually now has good intentions, I understand and accept him better, I like him more, I feel safer with him, and I am more patient and compassionate towards him. I knew I was making changes, but even he has noticed and told me so, which feels really good.

Now, finally, I can think about what happened and feel calm about it and know it is in the past. Celeste at Family First Hypnosis helped me understand that even the low points in life can have positive results and I can learn from my emotions. Best of all, we are going back to church as a family, something I didn''t think we would ever do again.

Thank you Family First Hypnosis for saving my marriage!" - L. M. D., Dallas, TX