Fear of Elevators

"I have always been an anxious person, or what my grandma always called herself -- a "worrier", but my limits were truly tested when I found myself trapped in an elevator last September. What made this even more terrible was that it happened during my fourth week at my new job at our new office building. The very minute! realized what happened I felt like there was not enough air to breathe. And, even though there were two others In there with me, i was sure I was going to suffocate and die!

Knowing that 1 couldn't count on using stairs to get everywhere the rest of my life, and! found that this fear was starting to permeate into other areas. It seemed to affect me in situations where I perceived I had no "control". I decided to try and find a solution to help me work through this fear. That is when I stumbled upon your website.

Thanks to our sessions, I ride the elevator almost every day now. We recently had another "entrapment" situation in the building and I thought for sure that would set me back, but it really didn't. I was definitely aware of it the first time I rode after their incident, but it was fine. Ii had been avoiding the elevator cab that I was trapped in, but actually rode up in it one morning last week." - Stephanie