As a Registered Nurse I Understand the Body/Mind Connection

“I lost my focus after major change - was content to observe life instead of participating –put myself second to others need - needed to get the energy to reinvent myself for the next stage in life.

As a Registered Nurse, I understand the mind, body connection and choose to not turn to drugs or surgery for weight loss, insomnia, compulsive behaviors-nail biting.

The time spent in a quiet reflective space with a person of warm compassionate listening skills…best time of the week to recharge and put myself first. Learning Methods by which to relax, focus and state what the problems are was in valuable.

Change takes time – but by using the exercises – I have improved my sleep routine – stopped biting my nails – because I am less stressed. Completed projects that had lain undone and my outlook is brighter because I took the time to examine what to do next.” - Harriet Wetherell, Plano, Texas (this client also lost ten pounds and began going to the YMCA)

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