I Felt Like I was Destined to Fail

“Can you believe it? After 31 years! I’m having a hard time believing it myself. I didn’t expect that I could get to the 3 week mark without having one cigarette. I wasn’t able to accomplish that the previous three times I quit.

Of course you can use my letter and my name. If it helps just one person then it will be a success. I’ve read other testimonials and just half-heartedly believed them. I hope anyone that reads mine will take it to heart and believe that they can absolutely do it!

Remember the first day we spoke on the phone? We decided that with my degree of addiction and number of years of smoking that I would need 5 to 6 sessions. I felt that I was destined to fail, destined to be a smoker. Well, here I am, not smoking, with only one session! I could tell that very evening that it was going to be easier for me I was calm and relaxed. Not afraid of becoming a non-smoker. Doesn’t that sound funny? Afraid of being a non-smoker? Afraid of a life without cigarettes.

I have to say, that I haven’t listened to the CD entirely and have only practiced the “taps” a few times. Kudo’s to YOU that I haven’t felt the NEED to do that! I’m really quite amazed!

Celeste, thank you for helping me become a non-smoker and making my life longer and healthier and better and happier! My family and friends are grateful and are proud of my accomplishment. They tell me every day!”

- Patti Whaley, Irving, TX


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