Stress is such a problem in our society that, actually, I help clients remove as much stress as possible, no matter what we are working on.  Stress, simply put, comes from negative emotions.  Emotions like anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, guilt, frustration and hopelessness can really stress people out.   

These emotions come from two different places, the outside world and from inside of us.  Outer negative emotions are generated from perceptions like someone or something being unfair (anger) or thinking that something bad could happen if there isn’t a prompt correction (fear). The inner emotions are simply ones that never got resolved properly.  The subconscious mind stores them for you to deal with later.

When emotions are stored for later that is good and bad.  It’s good because most of the time you are not aware of them, they are below consciousness.  But have you ever had the experience of being too mad, scared, or sad over something small?  This is when it’ gets bad.  You see, we don’t always feel only the emotions that are appropriate for what is happening.  Many times we feel that plus much of what is being stored down deep. This is very stressful.

When this happens the old feelings are resonating with the new feeling and many people call that feeling or group of feelings stress.  Depending on how it actually feels to us personally and what we are doing at the time, we may also call it “anxiety” or “rage” or “upset”.   In fact, human beings have a whole lot of names for that “bad” feeling called stress.

So how can hypnosis help? I help my clients deal with both subconscious stress using hypnosis to actually access and “delete” it.  Of course, that is a very simple way to put it, but suffice it to say that entering into the area of the subconscious mind requires the right level of hypnosis.  Deleting the old emotions requires a very knowledgeable and experienced hypnotist.  Enter me.  Hello, Nice to meet you.  My name is Celeste Hackett.

Along with entering the inner mind and deleting old ideas and emotions, I do a little education on a very easy 3 step process to resolve stressful emotions as they become aware of each day (You’ll become emotionally intelligent coming to see me which may give you and unfair advantage over other people actually.).  You can easily do this method.  Lastly, I’ll teach you a method of self-hypnosis (optional) that acts as anti-virus software for the mind, so if you don’t do your 3 steps when the bad feelings are happening (maybe you are too busy), you can do this self- hypnosis later to overcome what you missed.  

Entering into the subconscious mind sounds dangerous to a lot of people.  They want to know if I am going to mess with their brain.  Here is a comforting thought.  I only will help you to change what you want. We’ll be literally talking back and forth and you will remember every word.   Have you ever had a friend or family member help you see something in a different way?  That’s what I’ll be doing, only it will have a lasting impact on you, once you have the sense that what I am saying is okay with you (you have accepted the new idea).

You see, to me, hypnosis is really more about getting epiphanies or having aha moments that help you to see, feel and behave differently.  So most people find this work very interesting.  Watch my “The Truth about Hypnosis" video for more information about this.

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