Suppress Your Appetite with Hypnosis and Lose Weight for the Holidays

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find an appetite suppressant that really works and has no  potential harmful side effects?  You won’t get that from your medical doctor.  Over the years there have been several that big Pharm has developed and every one of them come with major cautions.  Things like heart valve damage, stroke, suicidal thoughts and/or high blood pressure have all been reported.  No wonder more and more people are skipping the medical model when it comes to weight loss.

I do feel for practitioners who deal with weight loss.  It can be quite tricky.  Many things can cause weight problems.  For instance, for years my overweight clients would tell me they were just hungry all the time.  They just couldn’t stop snacking or overeating at meals.  Some had trouble with the types of food they kept choosing.  Others, couldn’t limit themselves in the evenings or when out at restaurants.  

So, after much experimenting with the common hypnotic techniques, failing and trying again, I finally came up with something very special, on my own, that works so well, I now teach it to hypnosis professionals all over the world at our national convention held each year in Boston.   This something special is a hypnotic appetite suppressant that has zero negative side effects.  

This appetite suppressant does have some nice positive side effects, however.  Some of the side effects people have reported are sleeping better, having greater self-control and being more optimistic in general, but who doesn’t want those things?

Weight problems are at  epidemic proportions  in our country.  The costs associated with them are astronomical, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host of other health problems are correlated directly with being overweight.   So, with that, I am now very interested in reaching more people with this weight loss option.  I am now willing to apply this technique to small and medium sized groups. This way,  the cost will be way more affordable to each individual and I can reach more people. 

So, if you (or someone you know is ) interested in an innovative and fun way to solve this health issue, and if you think you (or they)  can get a group of people together, plus supply the space and time for the group hypnosis session, which should take about 2 hours, please call me (or have them call me0n for more details.  I’d love to share this with the world!

Celeste Hackett