A Childhood too Awful to Get Over

Do you think your childhood was too much to ever get over? Do you feel like you just have to live with the flashbacks and negative programming and make the best of it? Does it all still haunt you? Well, just about everyone who comes to see me for hypnosis sessions has at least one horrible event from childhood. Many others have a whole truckload.

Then, there are the ones who had a “good” childhood. That has it’s own challenges in my office. Childhood, whether thought of as good or horrific, is where perceptions about life are soaked up and where decisions about the future are made even when you are not fully conscious of them. And yes, those things can and do affect you. The good news? All that is in the inner mind and hypnosis, with a qualified person can undo the damage so it no longer affects you.

Check out this video of a young boxer whose immediate family story was so awful she was taken by the foster care system. She has overcome and you can too. Check out this video. Get your HOPE on!