There is so much to get from overcoming something. You might feel like you have nothing left fo fight with or for, but don’t give up. You might feel like you are inherently flawed. You might feel like you are not good enough and never will be. You might feel like there is just something so wrong with you. You might feel so empty and lonely that daggers of pain naw at you night and day. You might hate yourself for doing something, once again, that you promised yourself, you wouldn’t do anymore. You might feel ashamed and stupid. You might feel you have disappointed everyone who matters to you. You might feel like no one will ever love you. You might feel totally invisible. You might feel so physically sick or tired that you don’t want to go on. You might feel utterly hopeless, but don’t give up or you’ll miss it. And you don’t want to miss it.

Get up again. Look again for a way. Beg if you have to. Search. Raise your voice and stomp your feet, but FIND your way. Do. Not. Ever. Give. Up. Because when you get to that place where suffering ceases, where doubt ends, especially after you have known much pain, you will be astounded at the peace and joy that can saturate you. That moment. Don’t miss it. And you will know you have climbed that great big mountain. The air is clear and sweet at the top when you finally leave the past behind.

And just like a mother who labors in great pain to have a child, once the child is here, well, she forgets. She forgets about the pain entirely. You learn all the pain was worth it. The battle was worth it. And oh, did you know that, many times, the greater the pain, the greater the wisdom, the greater that sweet spot?

NEVER. GIVE. UP. Decide you WILL find your way, and you will. You were created to overcome. Period. Remember that.

Celeste Hackett