A Suprising and Hidden Cause of Many Bad Habits

She just slept all the time. She was 13 years old and her parents couldn’t rouse her to get her up for school. Several doctors and specialists were consulted, but nothing seemed to help. Googling desperately, they found hypnosis as an unexplored option, and then me.

After hearing the story, I actually did something that day that I never, ever do. I did a house call. That was several years ago now. I was able to get her up and out of bed that day, but only with a sort of bandaide technique. After getting her up and talking, I let her and the family know that there was more work to do and that she’d have to come into my office.

Once she came into my office, it took about two more sessions to uncover the root cause. I was pretty surprised by it, but once relieved of it she made a dramatic change. The cause? Deep seated emptiness. You might call it lonliness or yearning. It had been there a long time, but it became painfully apparent as a gut level knawing pain when kids at school rejected and bullied her. This feeling deep within was so painful that she slept to escape from it.

Since helping her overcome lonliness or emptiness, I have discovered that it is a hidden cause of a lot of problems. A few problems that have had this cause, for instance, have been, porn habits, alcohol habits, overeating, smoking and more. Now this isn’t always the cause, but the general public doesn’t realize just how often lonliness (longing, emptiness, yearning) is a drive to do things a person would otherwise not do.

Could your problems be caused by this feeling? Are you someone who feels lonley in a crowd? Are you someone who feels like you don’t fit in? Sometimes, but not always, my clients with severe, deep seated lonliness will tell me they’d answer yes to both of these questions. Something to think about. Isn’t it?