Hypnosis for Alcohol Cessation?

Potential clients need to understand that as a hypnotist I am not a drug or alcohol counselor, so legally, I am not allowed to use hypnosis to stop a person from drinking or doing drugs.  What I can work on, however, I think is even better.  I can help clients to neutralize the emotional component of drinking and doing drugs.     

Counselors and therapists try to do this using the conscious mind with talk therapy or group therapy, but their techniques are not nearly as effective in reaching that deep inner drive to drink as a well-trained hypnotist.  Herein is the problem with most rehab places.   

The professional therapists and counselors, wonderful as they so often are, simply aren’t getting to the cause of the problem.  Neither are they changing how clients feel at a causal level.  Changing how clients feel deep down inside, in this case, literally means removing the urge to drink.   Once the urge is gone, with a little effort on the part of the client, they can choose to be sober and it’s so much easier.   

Keep in mind, depending on how much alcohol you are consuming, you may need to go to a facility to safely detox before using hypnosis or any other means to help you.