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I can think of two more reasons this book may be for you.  You may want to know who are some of the successful movers and shakers in the hypnosis profession.  Perhaps you have a family member in another state or town who could use hypnosis services and you are searching for the right person.  Just to let you know ANY of these authors have my vote of confidence.  Or you may want to check me out a bit more.  Reading a book like this will give you a unique perspective on how I operate. 

 Maybe you would  like to learn more about me because you are thinking of coming in to see me for hypnosis sessions to work on a problem, or before taking my training certification class to become a hypnotist.  If either of these are the case, I think you'll love reading the book and you'll especially love getting it for FREE.

We expect that the book to be up on as a Kindle book in about 7 days, maybe less. Then, because Amazon allows us to price for free for a few days as a way of promoting the book, we are going to do just that. After it is up on and priced for free, we will let you all know at this location: But you must act and get the book right away when it comes out. We expect that the book will be free for only about 3 days.

SUPER IMPORTANT!!! You do not have to have a Kindle reader to download this
book! If you have a PC, Mac, smart phone (i.e., iPhone, Galaxy, etc.) you can
download an app that lets you read Kindle books.

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Just to let you know if you have been sneaking around the internet googling me to see if I am the real deal ( I am by the way), don't forget you can always call me.  I offer a free 15 minute consultation where you can tell me about your unique problem.  I'll listen and then I'll tell you honestly if I think I can help you or not and I'll tell you a little about how I'll do it, and how much it willl likely cost and how long it will take.  We help people WAY faster than therapy or counseling, but we are not always the best optiion for everyone and everything, just MOST things.  Here is our phone number 972-673-0110.

If you ARE interested in becoming a hypnotist check out our site for our state licenesed career school:

In the mean time, please be kind to yourself and remember that your self talk is not just unheard and harmless mutterings, but can and does affect your outlook, physical body and those around you.  So, work on being more positive.  Life still is full of far more good people than bad.  Be hopeful and believe in yourself, others (where it makes sense) and your future!