Lost Your Mojo?

      Recently, a client came to see me and when I asked him why he was in my office he said, "To get my mojo back".  I said okay, let's do that  I knew exactly what he meant.  Lost your mojo?  Hypnosis can help you regain your passion, but first a recent post on my facebook wall you might enjoy....

My sister, Denese, who is a traveling nurse, blog writer and hypnotist in Louisiana recently got me remembering.  Once did you laugh with abandon?  Do you recall a time when you were happy for no reason at all, just to be alive?  I love this very short post and it may help you begin to regain your true nature, joy........read on..... 


October 10th, 2011

     When did you last have a good spontaneous laugh? When did you last look at a problem and delight in the irony? Laugh at yourself? Greet the day with calm simplicity? Pass a day without fear? When did living cease to be a joy?

     These are questions we should all ask ourselves. The fatigue of living is insidious. It grows on us like moss. Soon we are covered with the cares of life. We worry about things that we cannot change. We expect disaster in every moment. When disaster doesn’t come we don’t sigh in relief. Instead we tense up knowing without a doubt the reprieve will be short lived and we will pay dearly for it. We rarely realize the portrait of misery and anxiety we’ve become. We don’t know we have lost our first love.

     I recently had the privilege of sharing my car for eight hours with someone who would laugh out loud, tear up at poignant thoughts, readily laugh at herself and the ridiculous situations of life. Several times during our journey that day I turned to look at her knowing I would see an inexperienced youngster who just didn’t know how hard life could be. To my surprise every time I looked at her, a forty something woman was smiling back at me.

     What most disturbed me was her laughter. In it I heard the echo of my own laughter long silenced by fatigue, work and worry. When did I stop laughing I wondered? I realized I had not laughed out loud in months. Why I wondered? What is different? I then recalled the “joie de vivre” that I heard my father speak of. That joy that every child has, it is their first love. The joy of being alive.

     So, my next question is how does one get that joy back? Well no child wonders about such things; they just live in the moment given to them and take from it all it has to give. I think it is just that simple… Laugh at silly things, cry at sad things, when things are bad and overwhelming find comfort in the arms of the ones you love. Don’t forget your first love, the joy of being alive!

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