Prince William and Catherine Zeta Jones

It’s nice to see hypnosis in the news again, this time with Prince William for his wedding jitters! Can you imagine? The whole world will be watching. No wonder he put off getting married for so long. This sort of attention is enough to set off nervousness in the most poised person. Now the question is, will the bride be following suit?  You can read this amazing story on CNN’s ireport.
Then there is the video I saw about.Catherine Zeta Jones and her bi-polar disorder. As hypnotists we don’t work on bi-polar disorder (or any mental illness), but we do help clients become emotionally at ease and many times, these clients have been diagnosed as bipolar, Manic Depressive or ADHD. Once they are balanced and at ease, it’s not unusual for their doctors to see that lowering or eliminating the medications entirely is reasonable and will begin to help them to do that. Imagine what it must be like for both the doctors and the patients when they learn they can get off of their meds or lower them.
On the video I saw about Catherine Zeta Jones, the interviewer was talking the case over with a mental health provider and he asked, “Is this something that can be cured?” This seemed to take the doctor aback and moved uncomfortably in his chair.  Eventually, this was his answer. He said, “I think when you talk about mental illness you talk about it being controlled and managed and something she will probably be dealing with her entire life.”
Watching this video, I just had to wonder why so many doctors have come to that conclusion so quickly. Why aren’t they looking for a cure? When did they stop looking for one? Cancer and heart disease has been around longer than Bipolar and “they” are still looking for a cure for those things.  I also wonder why they aren’t finding the people who have gotten off their medications and learned how they did that? I’ve heard that the big pharm people are greedy and causing this whole problem with not working for cures anymore. I do have to wonder if that could be true. 
I also wonder if the “research” they are doing on Cancer is even necessary at all. What are they doing with all the money from those 5k runs? The truth about Cancer is that there already is and has been a cure. For the most part, it’s eating more veggies and whole grains while staying away from loads of animal products. They should be using the research money to promote this truth. 
The other truth is eating right and taking care of yourself will not be found in a pill. There is no easy fix. You’ll have to develop a lifestyle that is supportive of health. There also is no pill for will power my friends, but in case you haven’t heard, hypnosis boosts will power. So, when you are ready to put some effort into caring for yourself, give a good hypnotist a call.