Introducing Family Medical Hypnosis

We are proud to introduce our new business, Family Medical Hypnosis! Please visit us at

MIND-BODY MEDICINE: Hypnosis has been used for issues related to a myriad of medical ailments because almost every physical problem has a mental and emotional component.  Once these components of your health are dealt with you may find your body begins to heal or improve itself because the body is programmed towards (homeostasis) health and healing.  To learn how this works visit our FAQ page on the site.
OUR STAFF: When you come in for your sessions at Family Medical Hypnosis you will be working with highly qualified hypnosis practitioners. Denese Boyd is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Hypnotist. Celeste Hackett is a Board Certified Hypnotist and the owner of the first state licensed school in North Texas. You will be either working with one of them or another highly skilled certified hypnotist they have personally trained, are supervising and overseeing.
MEDICAL PROBLEMS: We are not a replacement for medical care.  Our hypnosis sessions are not a replacement for the care of a medical doctor, and we do not diagnose or recommend discontinuance of any medically prescribed treatments.  We work with the medical community. 
Here are some of the medical problems we work with: 
Urinary Issues
High Blood Pressure
Skin Conditions
Lumps, bumps, warts and tumors
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
For more information on how we work with these issues go to our Medical Problems page at