Hypnotist was Right: German Billionaire Commits Suicide

In my last blog I volunteered to work with the World's billionaires for free.  I was afraid of something like this.  We seem to think that because someone has money that they have no worries or feelings.  Just today, before hearing of this I sent out a News Release about my offer.  Channel 8 is the only one looking at this as possibly newsworthy.  I'd like to get the word out. 

Find below my press release and below that the full story of the suicide:


News Release

Contact: Celeste Hackett: 972-673-0110

For Immediate Release

January 6, 2009

Dallas Area Hypnotist offers Free Hypnosis Sessions to Billionaires

(Plano, Texas – January 1st, 2009) In these perilous financial times a Dallas area hypnotist wants to jumpstart the world economy by helping the self-esteem of billionaires?   “It may seem the ultimate in trickle-down economics, but who else has the money these days to spend us out of a recession? Asks Celeste Hackett. She goes on to say....

 ,”We’ve heard about the government’s billion dollar bail out package, but that’s really Uncle Sam borrowing from us, the little guys. My personal bail out package is to invest some of my time and skill in the billionaires that created the wealth, jobs and the powerful economy which the world enjoyed for so many years.”

 It all started when Celeste saw a recent Forbes article reporting the tremendous losses of the World’s billionaires. (Frobes.com “Biillionaire Blowups 2008 12/22/08) For instance, one such billionaire, mentioned in the article,  Louis Portillo, of Spain went from a net worth of $1.2 billion to $15 million, “A devastating blow not just financially, but emotionally, as well”, thought Celeste. This was the genesis of her bailout package.

The article goes on to list other billionaires who suffered similar losses, though, perhaps not to such an extreme. In her practice, Celeste helps every day people overcome every day problems by dealing with the deep emotional components that are the true roots of their dilemma. Those subconsciously held emotions are what hold people back from their full potential.   While billionaires may not seem like every day people to some, they actually have the same normal emotions as anyone else, such as guilt, fear, anger and loss of confidence. All of which are magnified in these risky financial times by the higher stakes they are dealing with.

These human money-making engines can get a “tune up” by taking advantage of Celeste’s offer – she makes a personal appeal to them – “The truth is the rest of us need you. You are brilliant! You know how to build companies and create jobs which helps us all. Let's get you back on your feet doing what you are great at doing”


For further information, or an interview please contact:

Celeste Hackett: 972-673-0110 / celeste@familyfirsthypnosis.com / www.familyfirsthypnosis.com or www.dallashypnosisuptown.com.