Free Hypnosis Session for Billionaires Who Lost Money in 2008

Happy New Year!  

I saw this article in Forbes about how dozens of the worlds richest Billionaires lost money in recent months.  I'm betting I am one of the few people who actually feel sorry for them.  You may be wondering why or how could I.  I mean most of them still have, at least millions left. 

Well, it's kinda like this.  Doing this work that I do, I've found that there are a whole lot of people with money for whom money is all they've got.  A loss like this where identity with dollars and cents is so wrapped up in self-worth can be devastating.  This is a loss, and a loss is a loss is a loss.  And, folks, a loss, hurts. 

Did you know that Sadness comes from the perception of loss?  A lot of money lost equals a lot of sadness to some.

I've seen two kinds of very wealthy people.....