FREE Weight Loss Support Group

Why a Family First Weight Control Book Club? I like the idea of a weight Control book club because you'll have to read a book to be a part of the club. So you'll be reading about great weight loss strategies that will keep you motivated and keep weight loss/maintenance top of mind. It's a positive move in the right direction with your leisure time. Plus, you'll get support from the other book club peers and since it's on teleconference you can do it in your pajamas or on you cell phone when you are on the treadmill!

What books will we read? We'll be reading books that deal with mindful eating, motivation, working out and nutrition. We won't be focusing on a specific "diet" books like The South Beach Diet, but more on generally helpul titles such as "Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food" by Susan Albers, Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever by Roger Gould, Sugar Blues by William Dufty or 8 Minutes in the Morning for Extra-Easy Weight by Jorge Cruise.

Where will the Family First Weight Loss Book Club be held? Again via teleconference. That means you dial a phone number, punch in a code and we are all on a sort of party line.

What is the day and time? We'll meet one evening out of the month on a week day at 8pm central time. We haven't settled on a start day yet.

How do I sign up. Email me and let me know what evening of the week you'd be available once per month.

Will this help me lose weight? I don't know. We've never done this before! But it should be educational and fun if nothing else!

Will you hypnotize us? No. This is just a book club, but I may share my insights and information from my area of expertise that will help you. In fact, we all will share and support each other.

Why are you doing this? I believe that instead of making money and making greater profits in business one should make service to others the business goal. Business for private profiteering is wrong. I can't always offer free services, and I do have to make money with my business to live, feed my family and save for retirement etc.....but at this time I am happy to be able to give something for FREE. It just feels so good!

How many will be allowed to attend? We have a space limit of around 6-8 people. After that it just gets too confusing and there isnt' enough time for everyone to talk. I may set up other groups if this one goes well, but I won't be leading each of them. So if you are interested in being a group leader, let me know!