The School was Contacting me on a Regular Basis

“My son is a great kid, but experienced ADD type issues which caused problems in school with concentration, turning in assignments, and with his attitude and respect for teachers. The school was contacting me on a regular basis with complaints. I knew I had to do something. So I began to do research on the internet. I hoped to find an alternative to medicating my child and I did. I have seen a great improvement in his behavior, attitude and school work, and so has his teachers. He turns in his assignments, concentrates on the task at hand in the classroom, sits still in his seat and saves the talking with friends for after class. We are very happy with the work that Celeste has done and would suggest hypnosis as an alternative for most problems.” - Joyce C, Plano, Texas

Sleep-Overs Seemed like an Embarrassment Waiting to Happen

“My son had a problem with bed wetting. Sleep-overs and camp seemed like an embarrassment just waiting to happen. We checked several people on-line. Celeste was quick, positive and professional in her techniques. She reinforced positive energy to my son on his level. My son has had 6 straight nights being dry and his confidence level is definitely up.” - Debbie L., Sachse, TX.

Note to moms: Dry beds are easy to have when the right hypnotic techniques are used. Most kids have results that LAST within one to three sessions, a week apart. At the time of this writing THIS child has two reinforcement sessions to go.

Calm Dentist Visits Now the Norm for Little Girl

FROM THE FILES OF THE HYPNOTIST: “Another little charmer, I'll call Renee’, age 7, came into my office all dressed in pink. She was very fidgety in the dentist's chair. Every six months her mother dreaded taking her in for her teeth cleanings. I always teach kids self- hypnosis and I decided to teach her too. I never made suggestions about the dentist, because that is not what we were working on. Her mother called me a week later, ecstatic, saying how she sat right down in the dentist's chair and went completely relaxed for her teeth cleaning. Her mom said to her later, Renee’ What happened? You did so well! Renee’ proudly said, "Celeste showed me how to put my mind to sleep whenever I want to and I did!" The dentist was also very grateful!” - Celeste Hackett, Certified Hypnotist

Shy Little Girl Makes Friends

FROM THE FILES OF THE HYPNOTIST: “I’ve worked with several little girls. One such sweet, but very shy 10 year old girl was so lacking confidence that she had no friends, except her brother. Now she is the most popular girl at school. Before she wouldn't have any kids over, but now she has sleep-overs and recently went to a dance with a boy and had a great time.” - Celeste Hackett, Certified Hypnotist

Stop Smoking

Can this be for Real?

I had tried several times to quit smoking. I would quit and then start again even knowing how detrimental it was to my health. I enjoyed smoking, but did not like the side effects from it like the smell the lack of energy and the way that it was controlling my life. I decided to try hypnosis I had checked around the Dallas area to find a hypnotist, calling several people to check out their programs. When I got in contact with Celeste at Family First Hypnosis I knew right away she was the one for me. She instantly made me feel comfortable, excited and motivated to move forward and become a non-smoker.

I had bought a pack of cigarettes the day before going to see her for the first appointment. Thinking that I may need them after I had my session (as a back up plan)... I had never been hypnotized, so I had no idea what to expect from my sessions. When I left her office after my first session I did not feel any different than when I walked into her office (physically). Emotionally I was charged, however, and I was feeling like I was on my way to making a change that was positive. I went home that night... and you know what? I had NO URGE to smoke at all... So the next day came and once again I had NO URGE to smoke.

That evening I went to my friends house to have wine and to hang out with girlfriends who all smoke... I still had no urge or tug of any kind to smoke.. Can this be for real? I kept thinking that I would at some point want to smoke. That urge never came and still has not presented itself.

I now realized that I don't need to smoke and that I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life. I no longer have the same feeling or attachment to those tiny white sticks that caused so much havoc on my life and my health. Celeste helped save my life and I am truly grateful for everything she has done! - Jennifer R., Plano TX

I felt like I was Destined to Fail

“Can you believe it? After 31 years! I’m having a hard time believing it myself. I didn’t expect that I could get to the 3 week mark without having one cigarette. I wasn’t able to accomplish that the previous three times I quit.

Of course you can use my letter and my name. If it helps just one person then it will be a success. I’ve read other testimonials and just half-heartedly believed them. I hope anyone that reads mine will take it to heart and believe that they can absolutely do it!

Remember the first day we spoke on the phone? We decided that with my degree of addiction and number of years of smoking that I would need 5 to 6 sessions. I felt that I was destined to fail, destined to be a smoker. Well, here I am, not smoking, with only one session! I could tell that very evening that it was going to be easier for me I was calm and relaxed. Not afraid of becoming a non-smoker. Doesn’t that sound funny? Afraid of being a non-smoker? Afraid of a life without cigarettes.

I have to say, that I haven’t listened to the CD entirely and have only practiced the “taps” a few times. Kudo’s to YOU that I haven’t felt the NEED to do that! I’m really quite amazed!

Celeste, thank you for helping me become a non-smoker and making my life longer and healthier and better and happier! My family and friends are grateful and are proud of my accomplishment. They tell me every day!” - Patti Whaley, Irving, Texas

My Daughter Pleaded With Me to Stop

“I was pretty unhappy before hypnosis. I wanted to stop smoking, but couldn’t do it by myself. My daughter pleaded with me to stop and my husband didn’t like it either Also, my energy level was at an all time low. I couldn’t even play ball with the kids like I wanted to because more and more I was out of breath.

After doing a bit of searching, I found Family First Hypnosis on the internet and decided to give it a try even though it meant driving all the way to Dallas to do it. Celeste put me at ease right away and said I was a great subject. She also said that she thought I could stop right away and I did! I can’t believe how easy it was. Most of the time I don’t even think about cigarettes and when I do I do the tapping or the deep breathing exercise she showed me and the cravings just subside!

It’s great being back in control of my life, my health and it’s wonderful to leave the past as a smoker behind. I’m already feeling better, breathing better and the best part is I feel so proud of myself for finally doing it once and for all. I can say confidently, I am now non-smoker for the rest of my life!

Please let me know if you approve of this as soon as you can so I can get it on my website. Thank you so very much and keep being a non-smoker! - D. M., Hugo, Texas

I Quit Immediately with my Very First Session

"I am very happy being a non-smoker! I told everyone how I quit immediately with my very first session. I've also continued to share the details of my experience with friends and family to help clear up the common myths they too had heard about hypnosis; I had always been against it and said I could never be hypnotized because, the only thing I knew about it that turned out to be accurate, was that you had to be willing. After spending about 20 minutes talking to you (the hypnotist) and watching the short DVD, my fears were gone and I was ready and willing to do exactly what I came there to do...QUIT SMOKING! I told the people I knew that were considering hypnosis to quit, that the key was to go in knowing without a doubt that they would leave there a non-smoker...and I thank you for sharing that with me, I know that's why I was successful...and it was really the most relaxing thing I've done in my life that didn't involve a massage! Thank you Celeste!" - P. M., Plano, Texas

Clients Can Also Use the Cut Back Method

FROM THE FILES OF THE HYPNOTIST: “I also help clients cut back on cigarette smoking over time. These clients are usually my “Hard Core Smokers”. Just recently, a client who visited me for stop smoking, quit smoking over 6 sessions. Once she got back to one a day she realized she wasn’t addicted anymore and she just stopped. Her smoking was used as a distraction from bad feelings such as stress and boredom. These smokers need something to do when a craving strikes in between sessions, and I give them plenty of options. Almost all of them love the “deep breath” technique for causing urges to subside. It really works!” - Celeste Hackett, CH

Weight Loss

I left you a voice mail earlier today for my 30-day check in call. I feel like I'm doing fine. I've lost 21 pounds in 9 weeks, so it's slow, but right on target, and a healthy way to lose AND to keep it off. You have helped me to make this long journey armed with all the proper tools, incentive to make it work and support in case I stumble. It's been miraculous and so different than all my other failed attempts in the past. So far, so good. Thank you! - Kathy Cupples, Plano, Texas

I wondered if I Could Actually be Hypnotized

I've tried just about everything diet wise. I'm about 60 - 70 lbs overweight and 45 years old. Nothing has worked for me. I craved chocolate so much that I always failed. Sometimes I'd eat lots of junk food and not even realize I had done it, then have horrible guilty feelings. Also, I didn’t exercise much only a little here and there.

I hated how bad I looked, and the poor health (that was making it difficult for me to do very much) just made me eat some more. I got to the point where I needed to make a MIND change and I needed to figure out WHY I was binging and eating too much and why I have a poor self image

I looked around extensively online to find a hypnotist for weight loss. I listened to Celeste's voice at Family First Hypnosis online and liked what I heard, so I called her up. Immediately, I fell in love with her voice and professionalism and decided she'd be the one for me.

I hope that words can express how deeply this hypnosis has helped me. I didn't know what to expect. I knew I could relax, but wondered if I could actually be hypnotized. I was pleasantly surprised that it was very easy. Celeste helped me realize why I was overeating and binging. She took me back to times in my life and some were painful, but some were happy too. It wasn't all fun and games, but I'm feeling better about myself than I have in a long time...no...I'm feeling better about myself than I EVER HAVE.

I feel fuller longer. I no longer crave the chocolate as much and I know when to STOP eating! I crave good foods like fruits & Veggies. I exercise too, and enjoy it! What a great feeling!

After 5 weeks of coming to Family First Hypnosis I was skeptical about getting on the scales. I knew my clothes were fitting better, but I'm sure I was protecting myself in case I hadn't shed very many pounds. The curiosity got the best of me and I have 10 pounds GONE! WOW! I can do this. I can get rid of many more. I KNOW THIS WORKS!

I feel so motivated! I love the Weight Loss CD and will continue to listen to it a couple times a week now that I'm done with my sessions. I can’t thank you enough for what you and I have done for me! - Thanks, Ruthie D., Allen, TX

As a Registered Nurse I Understand the Body/Mind Connection

“I lost my focus after major change - was content to observe life instead of participating –put myself second to others need - needed to get the energy to reinvent myself for the next stage in life.

As a Registered Nurse, I understand the mind, body connection and choose to not turn to drugs or surgery for weight loss, insomnia, compulsive behaviors-nail biting.

The time spent in a quiet reflective space with a person of warm compassionate listening skills…best time of the week to recharge and put myself first. Learning Methods by which to relax, focus and state what the problems are was in valuable.

Change takes time – but by using the exercises – I have improved my sleep routine – stopped biting my nails – because I am less stressed. Completed projects that had lain undone and my outlook is brighter because I took the time to examine what to do next.” - Harriet Wetherell, Plano, Texas (this client also lost ten pounds and began going to the YMCA)

Overweight Children, Teens and Adults Can benefit from Hypnosis

“Since I opened Family First Hypnosis on January 01, 2006 I have not had many calls for weight loss for teenagers and would like to get more! More and more children and teens are suffering with this problem. I’ve helped many adult clients reach their goals in this area. It's easy we do it all the time” - Celeste Hackett, CH

She Offered to Refund my Money

I recently completed 5 sessions with Celeste for weight loss. I am a 46 year old male and had been unable to lose unwanted pounds even though I exercise heavily and eat healthy. I did not want to give up going out with friends and family, drinking moderately and eating foods I enjoy (part of enjoying life). Before selecting Celeste as my hypnotist, I spoke to her on the phone and was impressed with her holistic view of weight loss and that she took time to listen and explain what she could help me with.

During our first session, when she learned that I already exercised and ate mostly low carb, healthy food, She offered to refund my money since she wasn't sure she could help me. I convinced her to give me a try anyway.

During our 5 sessions, Celeste modified my subconscious to have a desire to eat slower and to create a feeling of fullness after I had eaten one plate of food. Amazing....it worked. I now eat a reasonable amount of food and then I am full until the next meal...no snacking, no eating a second plate of food. No feeling of deprivation. I still eat anything I want , occasionally drink a beer or glass of wine....just not nearly as much as in the past. I have been losing about a half a pound/week since starting with Celeste.

Celeste is a great listener and tailors the program to what works for you. She is very interactive and has a nice soothing demeanor that puts you at ease. I found it easy to talk to her about personal details.

I highly recommend Hypnotism and Celeste for weight loss and perhaps other things we would like to change about ourselves (stop smoking, anger management, relationship problems, etc.) - Ed Suder, Garland, TX

I was Able to Achieve Every Goal

Throughout my sessions with Celeste I was able to achieve every goal that I had initially set out to achieve, including exercising on a daily basis, eating healthier and eating less, and being happy with my self-image. As well, I have so far lost 15 of the 40 pounds I am intending to lose; the difference this time as opposed to other times I have lost weight--I do not feel rushed to lose it and I have been losing it at a healthy, gradual pace. I have gained a new air of confidence and self-acceptance while working with her. Celeste's methods are easy and they WORK. I can honestly say that this is the happiest I have ever been with not only my life, but with myself." - Madison Davis, Carrollton, TX

She Offered to Refund my Money


Just a note to say thank you for all you've done for me, my family and business. This process has been life changing. I would suggest to anyone really wanting to make some positive changes in their life to give you a few weeks to change the rest of their life.

I came to you over weight and depressed; I had tried so hard to be the healthy person I knew I could be and something kept standing in my way. I was stuck; I couldn't grow in any area of my life until I got past this. The thing that was keeping me from losing weight was also holding back my career and damaging my relationships with my family. I was mad, sad and depressed. Therapists had explained that it would take years to make the changes necessary, and that I needed to be patient. I didn't want to be patient and didn't have time; I wanted control of my life NOW. I would say "What is this deep inside of me that won't let me win"?

My weight was just a symptom of something going on deep inside, in a place that I could not access. With out your help I made changes in my perceptions that I could have never made by myself.

You gave me control of my life as well as teaching me how to stay in control. I am currently only 13 lbs from my goal weight and am adding muscle every week as I lose fat. As my body changes so does my life. I guard my 7th path time daily, this time is so very precious to me. It is the most important tool I have in maintaining my control.

My relationships with my family are improving and I have so much more balance in my life. I love my job and my future looks bright. Thank you Celeste, the work you do is very important to all of us that have been willing to take the journey.

I read somewhere that the shortest road to success is hard work. The work we did was hard and didn't take long, but the success was so worth it.

Thanks again for all that you do. - K.S. Richardson, TX

Relationship Issues

I Couldn't Stop Being Angry

My husband broke trust in our relationship with an issue at church and even though he was really trying to be a better partner, I couldn't forget what he had done and I couldn't stop feeling angry! I knew I needed to move on if I wanted to stay married, but didn't know how to let go and put everything behind me.

Angry memories flooded me and I found myself researching divorce lawyers weekly. But then, I'd look at my son. He was only two years old, and I didn't want him to be a product of a broken marriage. So, I agreed to see a marriage counselor and I began seeing a counselor of my own for my anger issue.

I knew I had to do something differently when, upon noticing my anger one day, my counselor told me I should consider medication! I was seeing her for anger management and she wanted to medicate me instead of dealing with the emotions I had. Right then I decided to research other things I could do and that's when I found Family First Hypnosis.

Boy, was I surprised when the Hypnotist told me to expect to have resolve within a few sessions. And that is exactly what happened. She easily obtained a referral from my counselor and then went right to work. Instead of tiptoeing around my anger, she met it head-on by helping me assess things that have made me mad in the past.

As a result, I could not be happier or more at ease now! I am more confident that my husband actually now has good intentions, I understand and accept him better, I like him more, I feel safer with him, and I am more patient and compassionate towards him. I knew I was making changes, but even he has noticed and told me so, which feels really good.

Now, finally, I can think about what happened and feel calm about it and know it is in the past. Celeste at Family First Hypnosis helped me understand that even the low points in life can have positive results and I can learn from my emotions. Best of all, we are going back to church as a family, something I didn't think we would ever do again.

Thank you Family First Hypnosis for saving my marriage! - L. M. D., Dallas, TX

My Personal Strength and Self-Esteem has Returned

"My husband and I had been happily married for several years but began having problems that eventually resulted in betrayal. We made the decision to try to work things out and felt that our love for each other was still strong. However, my anger with him did not seem to subside no matter what I tried and my self esteem suffered as well. I tried counseling, read many books, attended a support group, talked to family and friends but could never seem to fully let go and get on the path to recovery. A lady in my support group recommended Family First Hypnosis and I decided to give it a try.

I can truly say that it has been the most effective process that I have tried in getting over my hurt and anger from the betrayal. My self esteem and personal strength has returned and I feel more confident in moving forward with my life no matter what the future holds. The hypnosis sessions also helped me in getting past some old hurts and wounds from my childhood. I also liked the fact that the 7th Path hypnosis allowed me to include my spiritual beliefs in the process. I strongly recommend Family First Hypnosis to any one who is going through emotional turmoil in their life." - H.M. Rowlett, TX

(We work with a lot of relationship issues and the results make a huge difference for the entire family. Working through anger at a spouse over a betrayal or even an affair are two common problems we see. Another common issue is a spouse who is in a bad mood to frequently. When emotions begin to affect the family, we can help. Whether it be a spouse who is too sad, fearful or just too grouchy.)

Health Issues

Breast Lump Heals Spontaneously

FROM THE FILES OF THE HYPNOTIST: “Susan” went to Celeste for hypnosis after finding a lump in her breast. She had begun a new job and thought the timing could not have been worse for something like this. Susan was scheduled for a biopsy and was pleased that she was actually at peace about what the prognosis might be, but still wanted to continue to feel confident and make sure she did everything possible using her mind to stack things on her side. “As with most sessions I go in with a plan as to what I am going to say based on the desired outcome, but often other “ideas” come to me. I firmly believe that a higher benevolent power nudges me and supplies me with the right words as needed. Something told me to make sure that I use the words “spontaneous healing” so I did several times. I also used a powerful process called Cell Command, speaking not only to her breast cells themselves but also her immune system and her endocrine system”.

About six weeks later a phone call revealed that Susan had listened to her CD every day, and also repeated affirmations Celeste gave her. When she went to the doctor he asked her where the lump was supposed to be. It had “spontaneously healed!” Susan and her family couldn’t be happier. - Taken from a Press Release

"Celeste is a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist. I recommend her highly." - Rosalind de Rolon
author & lecturer, Dallas, Texas

(I have also worked successfully with Migraines, quick recovery from Surgery, Chronic Fatigue, and Allergies. Hypnosis has been proven beneficial for Asthma, IBS, Childbirth, Invitro Fertilization and more. I am trained to work with all issues.

If you have a diagnosed medical issue, then allow me to contact your doctor to obtain a referral. Most medical professionals understand the mind-body connection and are very happy to have your mind working for them instead of against them. Hypnosis was accepted by the American Medical Association as a valuable adjunct to standard medical care since 1958.)

Fears and Apprehensions

Fear of Elevators

I have always been an anxious person, or what my grandma always called herself -- a "worrier", but my limits were truly tested when E found myself trapped in an elevator last September. What made this even more terrible was that it happened during my fourth week at my new job at our new office building. The very minute! realized what happened I felt like there was not enough air to breathe. And, even though there were two others In there with me, i was sure I was going to suffocate and die!

Knowing that 1 couldn't count on using stairs to get everywhere the rest of my life, and! found that this fear was starting to permeate into other areas. It seemed to affect me in situations where I perceived I had no "controP. I decided to try and find a solution to help me work through this fear. That is when I stumbled upon your website.

Thanks to our sessions, I ride the elevator almost every day now. We recently had another "entrapment" situation in the building and I thought for sure that would set me back, but it really didn't. I was definitely aware of it the first time I rode after their incident, but it was fine. Ii had been avoiding the elevator cab that I was trapped in, but actually rode up in it one morning last week.

Fear of Riding in Cars

(Stephanie also had a fear of riding in the passenger seat of a car. Read on.)

A few weeks ago, we took a trip down to Corpus Chrisfi for my sister's baby shower. The trip was pretty uneventful and i even iet Rob drive! I did have a Tittle "blip" the Monday after we got back when Rob and I were going to run errands. It was raining so he wanted to go in his truck. I had that little "feeling", but stuck it out without even saying anything to him.

Fear of Flying

(And a fear of flying too)

We are going back to Corpus next month to meet the new baby who arrived this past weekend. We are actually planning on flying...it was even my idea and I booked the tickets! While I Had never been afraid of flying in my life, during the past year or so, I had found myself more sensitized to it and fearing it. With my new nephew here and more trips in my future, 1 just figured that 1 might as well rip the band-aid off! While I know that things are not 100% perfect, they are better and will continue to improve. Thanks again for your help! -Stephanie Doss, Dallas, TX
(Stephanie flew to Corpus and helped to welcome her new nephew into the world. It went so well, she decided to plan another trip…and she sent me pictures of the baby, so cute!)

Client Gets Over New Job Fears in One Session

“For a lot of clients, like Debra Hartman, of Houston, it feels like magic. “I was starting a new job in a part of my field I hadn’t worked in before and was scared to death. Celeste was not only a good listener she also knew just what to say and how to say it. It was amazing.” After inducing Debra into hypnosis, the former radio entertainer turned hypnotist began suggesting self-confidence, self-reliance and self-power to her. She also had her visualize a perfect first day where she dressed sharply; spoke confidently and quickly learned what she needed to. The hypnosis did everything she had hoped for. According to Hartman, she has become so valuable that her boss just gave her flowers on her first year anniversary with the company.” - Taken from a press release

I was Prescribed a Plethora of Medications

I began working with Celeste to alleviate overwhelming feelings of anxiety which had plagued me for years. Having been to medical doctors, psychiatrists, counselors and other specialists, I was at a loss as to how to heal myself. This had been going on for years and their various treatment plans were unsuccessful and ultimately, I felt more anxious at each failed attempt. My anxiety would often turn to panic and began to manifest as physical pain in my chest. Each episode would result in a trip to the emergency room only to be told there was nothing wrong with my heart – it was just a symptom of my anxiety.

I was prescribed a plethora of medications to treat my anxiety and depression. These medications just made a zombie out of me and rather than deal with the causes only temporarily alleviated the symptoms. I was an emotional wreck, crying all the time, feeling sorry for myself and unable to stop that constant feeling of dread and anxiousness. I had become adept at keeping everything inside and carrying around all that emotional baggage was taking its toll on my body and soul.

Thankfully, divine intervention led me to Celeste! I truly believe she saved me from a life of pain and misery. The first session we had, she took me down two paths. The one I was on was dark, sad and depressing and the thought of staying on that path was more than I could bear. The other path brought such happiness into my heart I knew that no matter what I had to get there.

My work with Celeste was not an easy journey. In fact, the time I spent in her office was often very emotional and possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is difficult to explain the process of learning to trust someone enough to tell them your secrets or to let them see into your soul. But, my pain was bigger than my fear and I soon learned that Celeste would always be right beside me, helping me each step of the way. I knew she was there to help me… I knew she wanted me to succeed.

Each session always brought surprises and insights. I learned to trust that my subconscious mind would take us where we needed to go. Through this work,I have healed the wounds from the past that were keeping me stuck in old belief patterns. I have learned to believe that nothing bad is going to happen and whatever happens, I can handle. It has been about a month since my last session with Celeste and the healing continues. I wake up every day feeling happy and ready to enjoy whatever life brings.

The best thing that Celeste has done for me is re-introducing me to my higher power – my God. Celeste taught me the 7-path method of meditation that is introduced during hypnosis. Wow! What an immediate impact this had on me. There was a shift that occurred in me that I can only explain as “spirit”. It was like a window opened and a breath of fresh air circulated throughout my body. I now have a tool that allows me to connect to my higher self, to a new found spirituality that’s been missing from my life for a long time. This method helps me to rid myself of the negative and replace it with positive affirmations that have transformed my life.

My words cannot begin to explain everything that Celeste has done for me. I only know that I would recommend her to anyone for any problem. Trust me; she can help you change your life.

Thank you, Celeste. You helped me regain a connection with the true Source of love and joy. My soul rejoices and my heart will be forever grateful to you. - Terri K., Celina, Texas

(7th Path is a body, mind, spirit approach to self-hypnosis that clients can learn if they want to. Most people of various religious background learn and practice and appreciate it when they come in. To learn more go to www.the7thpath.com)

Habits and Behaviors

I Actually bought Nail Clippers

"I never really had to cut my nails before. Now it’s just odd. I’ll chip one and think, ‘What do I do now?’ LOL! I actually bought nail clippers. I’ve had this problem for 35 years and in 2 sessions it’s gone. I haven’t bit my nails for about 6 weeks now and I have no urge or anything. My wife thinks it’s incredible." - Mike Ferer, Plano, Texas

Other Issues

Hypnosis Used Successfully To Change Lives Quickly

“I’ve used my skills, with great success, to increase the appetite when someone is not eating, to speed healing after surgeries, to cure or relieve depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, female reproductive problems, IBS, stress, sinus infections, allergies, warts, skin problems, nausea, bed wetting, anger, soda pop addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, grief, Post trauma, to increase energy, migraines, Insomnia, nail biting, jet lag, and of course, for stop smoking and for weight loss. What ever your issue is, I’m pretty sure I can help you too. Give me a call or visit my website today to find out more about hypnosis and the issues I work with: www.familyfirsthypnosis.com.” - Celeste Hackett, Certified Hypnotist

It is Almost Unheard of at my School to Pass 4 Tests in One Week

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how all of my tests turned out. My school just posted the last grades yesterday. I am now on break until July 5th. Here are all of the tests that I passed in the week after our hypnosis session...

2 Q&A's at 200 words per minute
1 Literary at 180 words per minute
1 Jury Charge at 200 words per minute

I am so excited that the hypnosis worked! Thank you so much. I have been trying to pass a Q&A test for 6 months now! Now I only have to pass 1 more, and I'll move on to the last speed of 225. I have been using all of the techniques you showed me, and it is amazing how much progress I have made in school.

It is almost unheard of at my school to pass 4 tests in one week. Thanks again!!!! - M. N., Flower Mound, Texas

I Wanted to Let you Know how the Test went

I wanted to let you know how the test went. First of all I have to say over the last three weeks since I started the Hypnosis therapy I have bee getting much better rest due to our sessions and the night before the test was the best sleep I have ever had before the test. My study habits have improved as well as my recall.

My confidence has also improved and I had very little anxiety. I was relaxed during the morning portion of the test and had a couple of moments, but I relaxed and moved on. I was able to stick to my strategy and I was able to at least review or work all of the questions.

With my formula and problem recall better I have to believe I improved my morning score by at least 15 points and my afternoon score by 10 to 15 points. At this point I would have to say I will be surprised if I did not score around 135 points and I need 120 points. I was able to accept the fact I did not know how to do all the problems and move on to the ones I did know which was a big help. With the relaxed feeling everything I did know seemed easier and I believe that I calculated the answers correctly. As I said before it is hard to know how well I did because of the way the test is structured, but I should be sending you an email in about eight weeks with the E.I.T. designation behind my name.

Also, my wife might be using your services in the future. She has noticed the difference in me. Thank you for your help and if I need some boosters I will let you know. - Scott E., Richardson, Texas

Emotional Pain

I Prayed for Answers to Resolve the Horrible Things

Celeste, I wanted to thank you for everything you have helped me with in our sessions. My life has come such a long way from when I first began working with you. I am so glad I found you that day, my life was in a downward spiral and I didn't know where else to turn.

I prayed for answers to resolve the horrible things I was going through in my marriage and the inner turmoil I was dealing with everyday, the heartache was far too much for me to handle alone, and for the best interest of my children I had to do something. I knew inevitably my husband would move on, so I needed to work on myself and better my life for me and my children so I wouldn't be a single mom without a clue in the world.

From the our first session I began to grow into a strong independent woman, I started to discover how great I really am and beautiful I am, and for once it felt really nice. I was finally proud to be me! I also grew each day into the "new me" and watched my life become exactly what I had always dreamed of.

I remember the first time I sought council I was put on medication for "anxiety/depression", which angered me because I just wanted to deal with the REAL problem and move on, not be on medication for the rest of my life!

I would still feel the pain inside each day knowing unless I sought out a better form of resolve, I would eventually just end my life or fall into a rut of further depression. Then, I found your website and at first I was highly skeptical and even laughed at the idea. I researched rates for psychologists and they generally ranged $200+/hr!!

I went back to your site and read a story of a lady who went through something very similar to me and also the same emotionally break down as I was going through and her success with you inspired me to give it a try....

When we discussed everything on the phone I couldn't believe how great your rates were and that it would only take 5 sessions!! I figured that it was worth the effort, and if nothing came of it at least it wasn't years worth of wasted therapy and tons of money down the drain. Especially with us having such a tight budget, this was such a great deal for me and it really did save not only my life, but my mind!

After my first session with you I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life would be different forever and that this time it would stay that way. Each session was extremely helpful in me getting to know who I really am, what I really wanted for my life, and to become more focused on the things I was working toward already.

I went into this with a lot of anger, depression, suicidal mindsets, hurt, hopelessness, confusion, loneliness, well there was a complete mess inside me to say the least, but I am a completely different person today!

I am now at my month marker after our sessions, and I could have never imagined my life going any better! I am so happy, I'm beautiful and strong, my business is going so amazing, my work is fabulous, my head is clear, I know exactly who I am and where my life is headed, I'm ready for everything life has to offer me and any obstacle to overcome. There was a slight twist in my original plan, I thought my marriage would work out, but instead I had the strength to walk away when my husband had his second affair. Since we have spent the last year trying to figure out whether we should be together or not, so when we decided to get a divorce my happiness came knocking on the door and I was completely ready for it! I got back together with an old love of mine (who had also done a lot of growing up in the last 8 years), and I couldn't ask for a better relationship - he is truly everything I ever dreamed of in a life partner!! We will be getting married in a year or two to give us some time to save up for our wedding and honey moon. Celeste, I really never thought I would ever want to get married again or be seriously involved with any one because of everything I went through in my marriage before, but he is just so great!

Besides my relationship with him, I have become so independent from the people that I felt held me back before, that I can finally breathe again. I am living my life for me and for the best interest of my children and it couldn't be better!

Thanks so much for everything you have been a true Godsend to me.

I have sent many referrals your direction, and there is also a couple of other things I would like to come in to do work on in different areas of my life.

I look forward to complete life makeover this year and I am just amazed at how much as changed.

Love always, Deserea M.

Hypnotherapy Helped Fergie Kick Drug Habit

The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie turned to a hypnotherapist to get her life back on track after becoming addicted to crystal meth. The singer, real name Stacy Ferguson, decided to seek help after spiraling out of control.

She explains, "I started going a little nuts and hit rock bottom. I called my mom and told her I had been doing crystal meth for a year and I moved back into my old bedroom as a 25-year-old. I had a collection agencies after me - I had spent all my money."

The singer decided to seek treatment and found hypnotherapy helped her recover from her addiction. She adds, "I had to learn self-love and I learned it through hypnotherapy. It's not some fruity thing - it's not like you're going to a psychic or something. We just talk. Sometimes she puts a box of tissues right in front of me, and I let it all out. She's amazing."

(Family First Hypnosis loves reporting on hypnosis and celebrity news. This story was seen at the following website: www.starpulse.com)